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I'm the girl you always wanted to meet

but find out you can never have

♥ Lauren Mallory ♥
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Hey, everyone!
My name is Lauren Mallory.
I'm a senior at Forks High School.
I'm seventeen years old.
My best friends are Jess Stanley and Angela Weber. BFF!!
There are a few guys at school who are pretty cute,
but right now I'm not dating anyone.


[[ OOC ]]
This journal is created for
nonprofit role-play. I am in no way attempting
to claim Lauren Mallory or any content of the Twilight series as my own.
All rights and ownership belong to Stephenie Meyer.

Also, if anyone wishes to contact me on AIM
for role-play or what-not, my screen name is LaurentIsTheSex.
My email is darkestkitten(at)hotmail.com.